Biebel —Ikke

The Biebel comics are made by IKKE (='It's me!' in Dutch). The real name of IKKE is Marc Legendre. He was born at April 15, 1956. There are many child stars in comics but only few of them can compete with Biebel. Not only is Biebel popular but both the characters and the stories are original and unique. From his first appearance on, back in 1983 in the Spirou/Robbedoes magazine, everyone knew that a new phenomenon had been born. Biebel and his friend Reggie get involved many adventures, some with girls like Pluchke but the question is: who gets most out of it?

1996. Willy De Groof

In french here : Bibul - Strips - Marc Legendre alias Ikke.

N° ISBN : 9782368500217 - 75 pages - 2 € ttc

Flemish version !!